Steak Cooking Tips

These great steak cooking tips will help you cook the sort of steak that you thought only professional chefs could create!

· One of the most important steak cooking tips is to start out with a good steak in the first place! A poorly cooked steak that is of prime grade will still likely taste better than a low grade steak that is cooked well.

· Look for a steak with marbling throughout. This will ensure that it is flavorful and remains juicy.

· For a great steak, get a great cut of meat like top loin or filet mignon.

· Refrain from cutting open your steak to see if it is done! Doing so will release valuable juices.

o To see if your steak is done, touch it! A firm steak is well done, a springy steak is medium, and a soft steak is rare. The more often you cook your steak, the more obvious this will be.

o If you have a meat thermometer, use it! A medium rare steak will be about 145 degrees.
· Ditto on turning your steak with forks - you want to keep all of the juice and flavor contained in the steak. Instead of using a fork, use tongs (long-handled ones are best... then you do not have to get too close to the heat).

· Realize that if you have a large and thick cut of meat, it will continue to cook, even after you have removed it from the oven. Therefore, take it off a little early or serve them immediately!

· Do not be worried about cooking and serving a rare steak. Once you have browned all sides of the steak, you have effectively killed off any bacteria. This is because the steak can only be contaminated with bacteria on the outer service. Therefore, you simply need to make sure that the outside of the steak has been thoroughly cooked.

· Use seasonings and marinades to enhance the flavor of your steak, not to mask it. You may find that you do not need any seasonings beyond salt and pepper! A good steak will already be tender.

· When grilling, be sure that the grill is extremely hot. When it is very hot, it will sear the outside of the meat and lock in the juices. (For the same reason, preheat your broiler if you are cooking your steak in it).

· If cooking your steak in a pan, be sure to oil your steak rather than the pan.

· Once you are done cooking your steak, take it off the heat source and let it "rest" for at least five minutes. This will allow the juices to spread out.