Cooking Tips For Gas Grills

There are a few things every aspiring grille master out there should know when it comes to cooking tips for gas grills.

1. Make sure you give ample time to get the grill good and hot.

Once you light the grill you should always leave it on high for at least twenty minutes with the lid down. This gets the grill nice and pre-heated. This is important because the food will no stick to the grates and you will get a nice tasty char. It also adds to the experience to have nice restaurant grill marks on the food.

2. Be Patient, only flip your meat once

This step is crucial to cooking your meat nice and even. It can take a little time and practice to get right, but once you have it dialed in it makes all the difference in the world. There is nothing more disheartening then finding out that your beautiful rib eye is well done one side and bloody rare on the other.

3. Never, ever cut into the meat

This is probably the single most important thing to know when it comes to cooking tips for the gas grill. It is also the most common mistake. Do yourself a favor and learn to temp your meat without slicing into it. Once you make that incision you are just releasing all the juices. These juices are where all the flavor comes from.

*side note: The best way to learn how to temp meat without cutting into it is this: Take the tip of your thumb and touch it against each of the fingertips on the same hand. Don't push with any pressure, just touch them together. While touching each finger feel your hand at the base of your thumb (the same hand you are touching finger and thumb with). The firmness of this muscle represents a different temp for each finger. The temps are as follows:

Index Finger - Rare
Middle Finger - Medium Rare
Ring Finger - Medium
Pinky Finger - Well

4. Keep the lid closed

This also lends itself to a much more uniform temp when cooking meat. If the lid is constantly open it cools the air and forces the grates to do all the cooking. This leads to the meat becoming well done on the outside before it has a chance to cook inside.

5. Always wait 10-20 minutes after you take the meat off the grill before you serve it

This technique will lock in the juices and give them a chance to disperse back into the meat. This means when you cut into the meat to eat it, all the juices won't just flow out onto the plate where they do you no good.

If you follow these simple cooking tips for gas grills you will be the hit of the next barbeque for sure!